AZHA-101 M

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Kislorodomer AZHA-101m is designed for rapid measurements of dissolved oxygen in the technical solutions, natural and waste waters. 
Kislorodomer AZHA-101m is designed for monitoring the efficiency of sewage treatment plants to test water quality and the degree of water protection water users (fishery ponds and reservoirs), Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, hydrochemical, Hydrobiological Laboratories, gauging stations and services of public utilities. 


  • Portability, versatility, accuracy. 
  • Easy to use and maintain the device.
  • The ability to measure directly at the point of control in different climatic conditions.
  • Independent power provides significant convenience when using the device in the field and laboratory conditions.
  • Small size and weight.

Standard kit

  AZHA-101M AZHA-101.1M AZHA-101.2M
Converter 1 pc. 1 pc. 1 pc.
Measuring unit
- Submersible (length 2,8 m)
- For the bulb

1 pc.

1 pc.

1 pc.
1 pc.
Sensor DK-02M 2 pc. 2pc. 4pc.
Power mains 1pc. 1pc. 1 pc.
Set of accessories and spare parts 1 set. 1 set. 1 set.
Operating Documents 1 copy. 1 copy. 1 copy.

By separate order PROVIDED

Magnetic stirrer


Parameter Measurement range Readability Permissible main absolute error
The concentration of dissolved oxygen, %О2 from 0,0 to 199,9
from 0 to 320
The concentration of dissolved oxygen, mg / l from 0,00 to 19,99
from 0,0 to 30,0
Analyzed temperature, ° C from 0,0 to 50,0 0,1 ±0,5
Mains power AC V / Hz (220±22) / (50±0,5)
Dimensions, mm 245 х 115 х 75
Weight, kg 1,0
  * A - concentration of dissolved oxygen% O 2 (mg / l).
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