Elevator button

Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment has begun to produce Fittings switching "AK" to control the elevators of modern design, installed in residential buildings, public and private institutions, buildings, industrial enterprises increased reliability.

Valves installed directly in the lift and on the elevator platforms. The thickness of the panel, which can be installed fittings from 1 to 4 mm. Currently, the elevator button "AK" (fixture switching) comes "Plant Mogilevliftmach" for the acquisition of manufactured elevators.

Elevator button Elevator button Elevator button

  • Vandal resistance and fire safety;
  • Valves made from slow-burning materials;
  • Low cost products compared to similar products of other companies.
1 Valves meet the requirements of TU BY 400002025.025-2008, GOST 12434 and kit shown in the table.
Type elevator Name of TU ВY 400002024.025-2008 Design notation
Passenger elevators LK1-01-Kr (Call / order) VYAAL.6618.001
LK1-01-3 (Call / order) VYAAL.6618.002
LK1-01-C (Call / order) VYAAL.6618.003
АК1-02 () VYAAL.6618.004
АК1-03 (Cancel) VYAAL.6618.005
АК1-04 () VYAAL.6618.014
АК1-05 () VYAAL.6618.012
АК1-06 () VYAAL.6618.013
AK1-01 KR Braille code (Order) VYAAL.6618.015
Freight elevators AK2-01-Kr (Call) VYAAL.6618.007
AK2-01-3 (Call) VYAAL.6618.007
AK2-01-C (Call) VYAAL.6618.007
AK2-02-Kr (Order) VYAAL.6618.008
AK2-02-3 (Order) VYAAL.6618.009
AK2-02-C (Order) VYAAL.6618.010
АК2-03 (Cancel, , ) VYAAL.6618.011
АК1-04 () VYAAL.6618.014
АК1-05 () VYAAL.6618.012

Dimensions and marking the installation of seats:

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Valves to survive under the following working conditions:
  • Ambient temperature from minus 30 ° C to plus 45 ° C;
  • Atmospheric pressure 84 to 106,7 kPa (630 to 800 mm Hg);
  • Relative humidity of ambient air at 125 ° C from 30% to 80%.

3 Dimensions of fixtures no more than:
  • Height - 30 mm;
  • Diameter -41 mm;
  • Bore diameter - 32,5 mm.

4 Weight fixtures not more than - 25 г.

5 Dip switches, used in the fixture ensure the normal operation when the switching voltage 24 V DC and a maximum switching current of 50 mA.
At the request of the customer armature AK1-05 can be equipped with microswitch, operating in a switching voltage of 220 V and 100 mA switching current.

6 Mechanical and switching durability of at least 10 6 clicks.

7 Enclosure protection IP 20 fittings in accordance with GOST 14254.