Laser cutting and engraving details

Laser cutting and engraving details 

Enterprise "Gomel plant instrumentation" offers engraving and cutting laser complex at the surface is not thicker than 2mm. 

Our factory provides high quality of work on laser engraving wide range of products from different materials. 

As materials for laser engraving and cutting can be: 

products of hard alloys and non-ferrous metals, 
variety of metal parts with a clean ground surface, etc. 

Laser cutting has many advantages and has a very high speed cutting, profile cutting which turns smooth and does not require further treatment. 

The most important thing is that the laser cutting excluded any mechanical action on the material. Besides, this way you can make cuts qualitatively single samples with complex patterns of small size. 

With the laser system of our factory can perform operations on the product label. Laser engraving allows to put pictures with high resolution, and the durability of the image is a "lifetime".