Laboratory devices

Electrode system SIMULATOR I-02



Shapeshifter electrode system I-02 is designed for testing, pH meters, redoksmetrov and pX-meter (ionomers).

I-02 allows to control:
TESTING connector "electrode-converter.
Calibration of pH (pX)-meters in a production environment.
Effect on the testimony of these devices change the resistance of the electrodes and the EMF Earth-solution ".
Immunity pH (pX)-m.

It is used in manufacturing plants, workshops, TRC calibration laboratories of various industries.

Standalone powered by four batteries A316
The presence of alarm about the battery power
The presence of 2 types of input jacks:
an 8 mm plug
under the cable plug of the sensor Democratic Party-4M or DM-5M.

Standard Package

Simulator 1 pc.
Cable 2 pcs.
Coaxial cable 2 pcs.
Operational documentation 1 copy


The values of resistors, simulating the internal resistance measuring electrode (Ru), and the main relative error of Ru: 0 (500 ± 25%), Mohm and 
(1000 ± 25%) MW
The values of resistors, simulating the internal resistance of subsidiary electrode (Ra) and the main relative error of Ra: 0 (10 ± 1%) and k
(20 ± 1%) kOhm
Output Voltage Simulator with Ru = Ra = 0 not more than 0.55 ohms at 1 in the output voltage
The main absolute error of the output voltage simulator Δ, CF is not higher than the values defined by the formula Δ=±(0,005 Ux +0.1)
Tensions between the chain and the auxiliary electrode terminal "Earth" simulator (EDS Earth-solution ") – (1,5±0,2) V 
  + (1,5±0,2) V
Weight 2,5 kg
Overall dimensions 250 x 160 x 145, mm
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