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UNIT OF automatic titration БАТ-15.2



Experience,  quality,  reliability

 Unit of automatic titration BAT-15.2 is designed for potentiometric titration complete with рХ-meter (ionomer).

BAT-15.2 is used in scientific research and industrial laboratories in various branches of industry.

 Device advantages:

v   Reliability and ease to control.

v   Pulse titration at the approach to the given point.

v   Exception of undertitration thru switch-off delay of control circuit of burette and the valve.

Standard  delivery set


v   Block of automatic titration                                  1 pc.

v   Electromagnetic valve                                         1 pc.

v   Microburette per 10 ml                                        1 pc.

v   Kit of spare parts and accessories                       1 kit

v   Operational documentation                                  1 copy





Setting range of end point of titration

from 0 to ±20 рХ

from 0 to ±2000 mV

Setting range of zone for pulse feeding of solution

from 0 to 5 рХ

from 0 to 500 mV

Main relative error of titration with use of рХ-meter (ionomer) and burette, not exceeding


Main power

20 V·A

AC power supply

(220±22)V / (50±0,5)Hz

Overall dimensions

360 x 240 x 90 mm


3,5 kg