БАТ-15.2 МП

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Automatic titration block BAT-15.2MP (microprocessor) modern follower of BAT-15.2.


Is designed for potentiometric titration in set with рХ‑meter (ionomer) that has measurement range from 0 to ± 20 рХ, from 0 to ± 2000 mV and output voltage from 0 to 2 V.

Device is applied to use in scientific research and plant laboratory of different branches of industry.

Advantages of device


v   Large data display.

v   Convenient  interface of user.

v   High accuracy of titration.





Standard  delivery set


v   Automatic titration blocks                                1 pc.

v   Electromagnetic valve                                     1 pc.

v   Microburette on 10 ml                                     1 pc.

v   Certificate                                                      1 copy

v   Set of spare parts and accessories                       1 kit






Setting range of end point of titration

from 0,0 to ± 20,0 рХ; from 0,0 to ± 2000,0 mV

Setting range of zone for pulse feeding of solution

from 0,000 to ± 20,000 рХ,

from 0,0 to ± 2000,0 mV

Setting range of curing period of end point of titration

from 0,00 to 200,00 с

Limit of main absolute error of voltage setting of titration end point, led to the input of device

Not more than ± 3 mV by operation in range of setting of titration end point from 0,0 to ± 20,0 рХ; from 0,0 to ± 2000,0 mV

Limit of main relative error of titration by device completed with рХ-meter and microburette

Not exceeding  ± 1 %

AC power supply of device with voltage and line-locked frequency

(220 ± 22) В (50±0,5) Hz


Power consumed by device

20 V×A

Overall dimensions of device

210 х 160 х 80 mm

Weight of device

Up to 1 kg