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UNIVERSAL polarograph ПУ-1


Experience,  quality,  reliability
Universal polarograph ПУ-1 is designed for qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis of solutions and electrochemical studies.
Universal polarograph ПУ-1 is used to:
-         determine impurities in metal, alloys, semiconductors, chemical agents;
-         control purity of air, water, foodstuffs and medical drugs;
-         carry out biochemical examinations;
study of electrode,  absorption, redox processes.

Device advantages

v    Research of wide range of electrode processes.

v    Possible connection to the PC to process analysis results.

v    Ability to take polarogram data in the form convenient for further processing.

Standard  delivery set

v    Measuring unit                                                       1 pc.

v    Auxiliary electrode ЭВЛ-1М4                                 1 pc.

v    Set of polarographic sensor ДП-2                            1 kit

v      Kit of accessories and spare parts                              1 kit

v    Operational documentation                                  1 copy

By separate order are supplied

v   Recording instrument

  twin-axis device ПДА-1 (record size 400х250 mm, automatic control of pen);

  coupler "ГрафИт-2" (connection to PC via interface RS232);

two and one-coordinate self-recording devices(of domestic and foreign firms) with sensitivity (scale) not worse than 0,2 mV/mm.


Технические характеристики/ Specifications



Диапазон определяемых концентраций по кадмию, моль/л / The range of determined concentrations of cadmium, mol/l

 в инверсионном режиме с предварительным накоплением, моль/л

/ in the inversion mode with preliminary accumulation, mol/l

1·10-3 … 5·10-8


до 1·10-9 / to  1·10-9


Мощность, потребляемая от сети, не более, В·А / Main power, up to V·А

60 В·А


Габаритные размеры, не более мм/Overall dimensions of, up to mm:

блока измерительного/ measuring block

датчика ДП-2/ sensor ДП-2





Питание от сети переменного тока, В/Гц  / AC power supply, V/Hz

(220±22)В / (50±0,5)Гц


Масса, не более, кг / Weight, not exceeding, kg:

блока измерительного/ measuring block

датчика ДП-2/ sensor ДП-2