АН-7529М, АН-7560М

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 Express-analyzers AN-7529М and AN-7560М are applied to determine carbon mass fraction in steel, alloys and other materials by method of coulometric titration by pH value for marking carbon analysis of production and raw materials in metallurgical and metalworking enterprises, as well as for other analyses for carbon in laboratories of enterprises and research institutions of various sectors of the national economy.

Advantages of device 

v      Digital indication of analysis results.

v      Capability of integration with mass equalizer for automatic data input of weighed portion mass.

v      Modern element base of electrical schematic.

v      Simplified interface, what made it clear and intelligible for user.

Standard delivery set  

v   Measuring block                                                 1 pc.

v   Sensor                                                               1 pc.

v   Combusting device US-7077                               1 pc.

v   Gas treatment unit                                              1 pc.

v   Measuring electrode 5М2.840.019                       4 pc.

v   Auxiliary electrode 5М2.840.072                         2 pc.

v   Kit of spare parts and accessories                       1 kit

v   Operational documentation                                  1 copy



Analysis run time of:

high-carbon steels (AN‑7529М)

common steel (AN-7560)

alloy-treated steel (AN-7560)


from 1 to 3 min.

from 1,5 to 3 min.

from 1,5 to 5 min.

Ranges of measured concentration of carbon




from 0,03 to 9,999 %

from 0,001 to 0,1 %

AC power supply

(220±22)V / (50±0,5)Hz

Dimensions /  Weight, not more than of

measuring block


gas treatment unit 

combusting device


330x150x335 mm / 10 kg

300x730x300 mm / 15 kg

120x200x450 mm / 5 kg

420x630x450 mm / 60 kg