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electronic tachometer TE-02

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Tachometer is applied to measure rotation frequency of single-shaft and multishaft machines and aggregates. Tachometer produces data on rotation frequency in digital form on indicating element, generate current signal 0...5 мА, proportional to rotation frequency, and provides signal generation of technologic alarm on surpassing of programmed constraint with simultaneous switching on of light-emitting diodes on tachometer front panel.

Standard delivery set

Name and identification code



Converter block

1 pc.


Sensor DCHH-8М-В

1 pc.


Control panel

1 pc.


Angle block for attachment  to the panel

2 pc.



1 pc.


Socket ONTZ-RG-09-4/14-Р12

1 pc.


Socket 2RM18КPN7G1V1

1 pc.


Power cord

1 pc.



1 pc.


Fusible plug VPI-1-0,25А

1 pc.



1 copy


Calibration certificate

1 copy


Specifications  of tachometer

Sensors of rotation frequency


Measuring object

gear wheel

Range of measure rotation frequency

from  50 to 9000 r/min

Measurement interval

1 s



4 position

accuracy class of digital readouts


Output signal of direct-current

from 0 to 5 mA

Quantity of predetermined values


Power supply with

- voltage

- frequency


220 V

50 Hz

Consumed power, up to

30 V·A

Regular operation of tachometer is provided at:

- air temperature

- relative humidity


from 0 ºС to 35 °C

to 80%

Overall dimensions of block

- width

- height

- depth


170 mm

140 mm

240 mm


2,5 kg

Life span

10 years