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Express-analyzer for sulfur АS-7932М is applied to determine sulfur mass fraction in steel, alloys and other materials by method of coulometric titration according to pH value for marking carbon analysis of production and basic materials in primary metals establishments and fabricating works. Express-analyzer for sulfur АS-7932М is used to carry-out analyses in laboratories of enterprises and research institutions. 

Advantages of device  

v   Short duration of analysis.

v   Easy data input.

v   Digital indication of analysis results.

v   Application of modern sheet-oriented solutions allowed to:

-        reduce electricity demand;

-        simplify user’s interface having made it clear and intelligible;

-        improve measuring block ergonomics.

Standard delivery set  

v   Measuring block                                                 1 pc.

v   Sensor                                                               1 pc.

v   Combusting device US-7077                                1 pc.

v   Block of gas conditioning                                     1 pc.

v   Gas sampler                                                       1 pc.

v   Measuring electrode 5М2.840.074                       4 pc.

v   Auxiliary electrode 5М2.840.072                         2 pc.

v   Operational documentation                                  1 copy



Range of measuring concentrations of sulfur

from 0,001 to 0,2%

Run time of analysis (easily combusted steel grades)

from 1 to 2 min

Main power, up to:

for analyser (without  combusting device)

for combusting device US-7077


150 V·A

3000 V·A

AC power supply

(220±22)V / (50±0,5)Hz

Dimensions/weight, not more than:

Measuring block


Block of gas conditioning

combusting device US-7077


330x150x335 mm / 10 kg

300x500x300 mm / 6 kg

150x200x450 mm / 5 kg

420x630x450 mm / 60 kg