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combusting device US-7077



Experience, quality, reliability 

Combusting device US-7077 is intended to combust metal assays on oxygen flow by metal analysing for content of carbon, sulphur and other elements. Device design provides low heat losses.

US-7077 is produced, as independent unit.

And can be part of following express-analysers:

– for carbon: AN-7529, AN-7529М, AN-7560, AN-7560М 

– for sulphur: AS-7932, AS-7932М. 

Advantages of device  

v   Energy saver insulation of muffler, that provides low temperature losses.

v   Water cooling provides decrease in heat release to surroundings.

Standard delivery set 

v   Combusting device (oven and automation unit)          1 pc.

v   Spare parts kit                                                         1 kit

v   Operational documentation                                       1 copy



Nominal operating temperature in tube portion of oven


Consumption rate of cooling water

from 2 to 5 l/min

AC power supply

(220±22) V / (50±0,5) Hz

Main power

3 kV·А

Overall dimensions (without gas sampler AS-7932М)



60 kg