ИКЗ-01, ИКЗ-02

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INDICATOR OF short circuit IKZ-02

ИКЗ-01, ИКЗ-02

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Indicator of short circuit IKZ-02 is applied to fixate current flow of short circuit of one or several damaged segments of cable line to 10 kV. 

Advantages of device

v   Easy to use.

v   Allows prompt determination of damaged segments fault in cable line. 

On separate order is supplied 

v   plates for MTD attachment to the cell with overall dimensions 1000х60х10 mm — 3 pc. 

Standard delivery set

Name and identification code


Indicator unit

1 pc.

Magnetic current sensor

3 pc.

Set of spare parts and accessories

1 kit

Operations manual

1 copy


v     Indicator is intended to operate at temperature from - 25 °С to + 40°С, at relative humidity of air not exceeding  98% at 20°С and height above water not more than 1000 m.

v     Indicator power supply is affected from AC network with voltage (220 +22 -33) V and frequency (50±0,5)Hz.

v     Main power not exceeding 6V*A.

v     Adjustment range of actuating current 100-2000 А.

v     Actuation time of indicator from the moment of flow of short circuit current not more than 0,06s.

v     Release time of indicator to initial state (at supply voltage) not more than 30 s.

v     Quantity of fixation directions of short-circuit current - 3.

v     LED response indication and discrete information generation to telecontrol device are provided.

v     Outputs to connect telecontrol devices  provides  commutation of  constant voltage of positive polarity:

voltage, not more than                                                                                                 - 42VВ;

current, not more than                                                                                                 - 0,1 А;

resistance of  switch contact in open condition, not more than                                        - 200 kOhm;

resistance of  switch contact in close condition, not more than                - 200 Ohm;

v     Time of information storage by indicator about current flow of short circuit on segment of cable line (after switching-off during response time) not more than 8 hours.

v     Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:

- indicating block          - 250x200x80

- MDT                         - 200x100x100

v     Weight, kg, up to:

- indicating block          - 3

- MDT                         - 0,8