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conductometric concentration meter KП-203


Experience, quality, reliability

Conductometric concentration meter KP-203 is intended for measurement of concentration in aqueous NaCl, KCl solutions and specific electrical conductivity (hereafter — SEC) of acids, salts, alkalis and coagulants, as well as for temperature measurement of analyzed environment. 

Advantages of device  

v   Reliable design.

v   Digital indication of measurement results.

v   Tuning control results are stored in permanent memory of switched off, from electric power supply, device indefinitely. 

Standard delivery set  

v   Converter                                                           1 pc.

v   Sensor                                                               1 pc.

v   Spare parts kit                                                    1 kit

v   Operational documentation                                  1 copy



Measurement range

Main relative error

Specific electrical conductivity

from 0,1 to 100,0 Cm/m


Concentration for aqueous KCl solutions

from 0,5 to 150,0 g/l


Concentration for aqueous NaCl solutions

from 0,5 to 50,0 g/l


Temperature of analyzed  environment

from 5 ºС to 50 ºС



Measurement sub-bands

Sub-bands number

SEC Mode, Cm/m

С mode, g/l

KCl solution

NaCl solution


from 0,1 to 1,0

from 0,5 to 5,0

from 0,5 to 5,0


from 1,0 to 10,0

from 5,0 to 50,0

from 5,0 to 50,0


from 10,0 to 100,0

from 50,0 to 150,0


AC power supply                                                                                                             (220±22) V / (50±0,5) Hz


of converter                                                                                                              370х176х135 mm

of sensor                                                                                                                   Ø135х230 mm


of converter                                                                                                              6 kg

of sensor                                                                                                                   5 kg