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Ionometric analyzer pNa-205 is intended for automatic continuous measurement of activity and concentration of sodions, E.M.F. electrode system and temperature of controlled environment in feed-water and chemically demineralized makeup water and steam condensate of high pressure boilers and turbines, as well as in systems of chemical status control of Н+- cation-exchanging filters in installations of ion-exchange purifying of natural and waste water.

Analyzer can be used on heat power plants, equipped with system of automatic chemical control of water purification and water consumption schedule. 

Advantages of device  

v   Provides pNa and cNa conversion to the unified electric outlet signals of direct-current and voltage.

v   PC compability.

v   Measurement capability of рН-controlled environment with indication on digital display.

Standard delivery set  

v   Measuring converter                                           1 pc.

v   Hydraulic module                                                1 pc.

v   Measuring electrode ES-10-07                             2 pc.

v   Measuring electrode ESL-63-07 SR                     1 pc.

v   Auxiliary electrode EHSV-1                                2 pc.

v   Automatic thermal compensator TKA-7               1 pc.

v   Spare parts kit                                                    1 kit

v   Operational documentation                                  1 copy 

Supplied by separate order  

v   Floppy disk with software for computer



Measurement range of analyzer:



sodions activity

from 2,36 to 7,36 pNa

from 2,36 to 8,36 pNa

sodions concentration  

from 1,0 µg/l to 100,0 mg/l

from 0,1 µg/l to  100,0 mg/l

pH activity

from 0,00 to 14,00 рН



from –500,0 to +500,0 mV



from 10,0˚С to 50,0˚С


Absolute measurements error



during pNa (рН) measurement

±0,15 pNa (рН)

±0,05 pNa (рН)

during E.M.F. electrode system measurement

±0,5 mV

during temperature measurement



Ac power supply

(220±22)V / (50±0,5)Hz


565 х 345 х 125 mm

130 х 180 х 370 mm


7,0 kg

5,0 kg