ЭСКЛ-08М, ЭСКЛ-08М.1

Industrial (commercial) Glass electrodes

Glass combined laboratory electrodes  ESKL-08М, ESKL-08М.1 for рН measurement

ЭСКЛ-08М, ЭСКЛ-08М.1

Electrodes ESKL-08М, ESKL-08М.1 are designed for pH measurement in laboratory conditions (without use of reference electrodes). Combined laboratory electrodes ESKL-08М, ESKL-08М.1 – of general purpose with single-key integral reference electrode.


Electrodes can be used for work operation with  devices I-160, I-160MP, рН-150M, рН-150MP, рХ-150MP, etc. Electrodes can be used by analysing with use of magnetic stirrer and by potentiometric titration.





Measurement range рН at 25 ºС

From 0 to 12 рН

Temperature of analyzed environment

From 0 to 50 ºС

Pressure of analyzed environment


Coordinates of the isopotential point

рНи = 7 рН,

Еи = -25 mV

рНи = 4,25 рН,

Еи  = -25 mV

Electric resistance of the measurement electrode at 20 ºС

(50 ± 40) Mohm

Electric resistance of the auxiliary electrode at 20 ºС, not more than

20 kOhm

The flow velocity of the KCl solution through the electrolytic key

From 0,3 to 3,5 ml per day

Indicator part of  measuring electrode

Special glass

System of  comparison electrode

Аg/АgСl + КСl

Electrolyte  of  comparison electrode

Saturated КСl solution

Overall dimensions of electrode, not more than:

- diameter of the immersible part of the electrode (with salient electrolytic key)

- electrode length

- cable, length


20 mm


175 mm

1000 mm




Electrodes ESKL-08М, ESKL-08М.1 are registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and approved for use: in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.