ЭСЛ-15-11, ЭСЛ-45-11

Laboratorial   Glass electrodes

Glass laboratory electrodes  ЭСЛ -45-11, ЭСЛ -15-11 for  рН measurement

ЭСЛ-15-11, ЭСЛ-45-11


Electrodes ESL-43-07, ESL-43-07СР, ESL-63-07, ESL-63-07СР are for general purpose; electrodes ESL-45-11, ESL-15-11 – small-sized electrodes without cable with special connector. All electrodes have sealed structure with high stability of parameters. Electrostatic screen protects electrodes from external electric fields.Designed to measure pH in laboratory conditions.


Electrodes ESL-43-07SR, ESL-63-07SR can be used to work with the devices I-160, I-160МП, рН-150М, рН-150MP, рХ-150MP etc.; electrodes ESL-43-07, ESL-63-07 - for  work with devices рН-121, рН-340, рН-262, EV-74, I-130.
To connect the electrodes ESL-43-07, ESL-63-07 to the devices I-160 and others the adaptor produced by the plant 5М6.607.010, can be used. 

Electrodes ESL-45-11, ESL-15-11 can be used for  work with devices I-102,
рН-125, рН-150, рН-150М, рН-150MP, including baking and meat industry

Parameter ЭСЛ-15-11 ЭСЛ-45-11
Measurement range рН at 25 ºС  0 ... 14 рН  0 ... 12 рН
Temperature of analyzed environment От 25 до 100 °С От 0 до 40 °С
Pressure of analyzed environment  Atm.
Coordinates of isopotential point рНi = 4,25 рН, Еi = -25 мВ
Electrical resistance at 20 °С (500 ± 250) МОм (50 ± 40) МОм
Indicator of electrode Special glass

Overall dimensions of electrode, not more than:
- diameter of immersible part of electrode

- length of electrode
- wire, length

8,25 mm
130 mm
Connector Special
The number of electrodes in pack. 2 2

The electrodes are registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and approved for  use: ESL-43-07, ES -43-07СР, ESL-63-07, ESL-63-07SR – in the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan;  ESL-45-11, ESL-15-11 - in the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan.