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Meter is applied to measure watt-hour energy usage in single-phase circuit of alternating-current on one, two, three or four tariffs at eight time zones on objects of industrial enterprises, electric-power industry and agricultural sector as well as domestic household.

Meter can be used for multiply-tariff electric energy account  both independent and as part of automated system of control and electric energy account.

Meter is connected proximate to AC network in enclosed spaces.

Meter is included to the State register of measuring instrument of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.



  • v Accuracy of electricity supply records corresponds to accuracy class 1,0. Nominal line-to-earth voltage 220 V.
  • v Set operative range of voltage variation - from 198 to 242 V, предельный рабочий диапазон изменения resistance - from 176 to 253 V.
  • v Rated current 10 А. variation range of current intensity from 0,5 to 50 А.
  • v Fusing current does not exceed 500 % of rated current.
  • v Nominal frequency rate - 50 Hz. Power frequency range from 47,5 to 52,5 Hz.
  • v Response limit of counter device not more than 5,5 W.
  • v Total and active power, consumed by potential circuit of counter device, not more than 6,0 V·A and 2,0 W respectively.
  • v Total power consumed by current circuit of counter device does not exceed 0,4 V·A.
  • v Counter device provides daily average error of clock rate not more than ± 1 s in normal operating conditions and not more than  ± 6 s в working conditions (by using automatic daily adjustment of clock rate).
  • v Counter device has the following  input-output devices:
  •      - transmitting equipment for remote recording of electric energy input with power ratio 1100 pulses/kW·h;
  •      - load control device and (or) RS-485 interface (by separate order);
  •      - summator with LCD display, representing the quantity of energy consumption in kW·h;
  •      - LED indicator with variable, proportionally to power, blink rate;
  •      - two control buttons – «Choice» и «Install».
  • v Counter device provides:
  •      - energy consumption records in multirate mode from one to four tariffs and from one to eight tariff zones  during day (tariff zone  - interval of day during which one of the fourth rates operates), and tariff zone can be  independently set for working days, Saturdays and  Sundays, for from one to twelve tariff seasons of the year;
  •      - automatic transmit “summer-winter time” with ability to disable this function. Automatic transitions occur at 02.00 last Sunday of March (one hour ahead) and last Sunday of October (last hour back).
  •      - remote records of consumed energy  through transmitting device;
  •      - on/off load control through load control device for exceeding the load power limit which is set by the consumer, either independent of day time,  or during chosen by consumer  tariff zone (according to customer requirements);
  •      - protection from unauthorised modification of data, stored in the memory of counter device with password;
  •      - information interchange with PC or device «Schityvatel ЕА8085» on interface RS-485 (according to customer requirements).
  • v Counter device has   nine conventional modes of input - output. Information input - output is carried out by circuit voltage.
  • v With these modes the counter device can:
  •      - display and input into the counter device the current date and time, the number of seasons, the number of tariffs, the number of tariff zones for the off-days and working days during each season, the number of fixed dates, the date of the season start date, the start time of tariff zones, twenty-five fixed dates with the sign of the working or off-day, the necessary transition from summer to winter and time and vice versa, characteristic that disables load , the value of power limit, the configuration of the display output in basic mode, time of messages displaying in basic mode, value of automatic daily correction of clock rate within - 9.9 to + 9.9,  password protection against unauthorized access, date of counter calibration, reference index of counter device;     
  •      - display the content of accumulating tariff mechanisms for survey (accumulating tariff mechanisms – built-in counter device, which records the energy, consumed  according to one tariff), value  of consumed energy  according to each tariff and in total for the current month, for twelve months, prior the current,  for the last year, the value of current power per minute, the value of current power per half an hour, maximum of half-hour power for the current day,  maximum of half-hour power for the current month,  maximum of half-hour power for the last month, software version number, «protection» in counter device, records of  date and time  of last ten: connection-disconnections from the network, data modification using buttons, data modification according to interface RS-485.
  • v Time of set operation mode does not exceed 30 minutes.
  • v Weight of counter device not more than 1,0 kg.
  • v Overall dimensions of counter device do not exceed 215х135х80 mm, for counter device EE8003/2-К – not more 195х130х65 mm.
  • v The average lifetime not less than 24 years.
  • v Mean time between failures 50000 hours.