Forging and casting

Forging and casting 

Gomel Plant instrumentation offers an extensive range of activities to snap the customer: 

Stamping on mechanical presses with a force of 10 ton, 25 ton, 40 ton, 63 ton, 100 ton; 
Casting of aluminum alloys under pressure molding machines mod. 71A108, 71A109; 
Molding and processing of thermoset and thermoplastic plastics, rubber on the hydraulic press 63 ton, 100 ton. 

Stamping metal products is to change the shape and size of parts means of plastic deformation of the material. 
Stamping is equally effective for both metals and plastics. In the manufacturing process used bulk and sheet forming. The latter is the most popular for sheet metal and is used more often. Stamping use special media, which provide a wide variety of details, both flat and three-dimensional. 

Plastic products have become part of our everyday life, which is hard to imagine without them. Therefore, manufacturing plastic parts by injection remains as relevant. For the implementation of quality castings in the first place, you need to properly make the molds and dies, which is only possible with modern equipment. 

Manufacture of molds consists of three main steps, each of which is made by our specialists complete quality control: 

development and testing of the resulting product. 

Our plant produces plastic casting of any degree of complexity, as well as the manufacture of molds and dies for your orders. 

Sell ​​the following items ready: 

Detail SHB8.934.087
Article 45 of the nut, pokr.M9.N6
Height 30 mm
Nar. diameter 44 knurled direct step 0.8
Outlet. diameter 25
Ext. thread M39h1 ,5-7H at l = 8 mm (the other side)
Wrench flat 27-0,28
Detail Nut SHB8.939.097
Hex. 30 - h 11
Steel 45
Covering M9.N6
Internal thread. Two-sided.
On the one hand M27x1, 5 - LH-6H (left)
On the other hand M27h15-6H
Height 25mm nuts