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Nitratomer pNO3-07 is designed to measure the activity of nitrate ions NO3 - (pX mode), the concentration of nitrate ions NO3 - (C x mode), the emf of the electrode system (regime E) and temperatures (t) of the analyzed media.

Nitratomer used for measurements in laboratory practice, as well as for operational measurements in the food industry and other industries.


  • Convenient LCD display with large digits and special characters.
  • Powered from AC or from 4 built-in batteries.
  • Thoughtful, intuitive user interface.
  • The presence of all known methods of calculating the concentration of nitrate, with the ability to switch between them.

Standard kit

Converter 1 pc
PSU 1 pc
Electrode membrane ЭМ-NO3-07СР 1 pc
Auxiliary laboratory silver chloride electrode ЭВЛ-1М3.1 1 pc
Termokompensator ТКА-1000.1 1 pc
Set of accessories and spare parts 1 set
Form (includes verification procedure) 1 copy
Guide 1 copy


Ranges testimony converter

Parameter (symbol mode) Range evidence converter Measurement range 
The activity of ions (regime pX), рNO3 from 0,35 to 4,70 from 0,35 to 4,70
The concentration of ions (regime Сх), g/kg from 1•10-4 to 99,9 from 1•10-4 to 99,9
EMF of the electrode system (regime E), mV from 0,0 to 999,0 -
Temperature of a medium (mode t), ° C from 5,0  to 50,0 from 5,0  to 50,0

Limit of acceptable basic absolute error.

Measured value, unit of measurement Range evidence converter
testimony converter measurements nitratomer
The activity of ions, рNO3 ±0,02 ±0,06
EMF of the electrode system, mV ±1,0 -
Analyzed temperature, ° C ±1,0 ±1,5


Overall dimensions, mm 260 х 120 х 140
Device weight, kg 1 kg
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