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pH-meter pX-150MP



pH-meter pX-150MP is designed for rapid measurement of the activity of hydrogen ions (pH) and other monovalent and divalent ions (pX), redox, potentials (Eh) and temperature of technological solutions, natural and waste water. 

pX-150MP is a portable device with a network and self-powered and is used in stationary and mobile laboratories, enterprises and research institutions skih chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries, agribusiness, and environmental protection.


  • Compact size and light weight.
  • Compatible with all domestic and imported ion selective and pH electrodes.
  • Powered from AC or from 4 built-in batteries.
  • Quick and easy calibration.
  • Low cost in comparison with foreign analogues.

Standard kit

The transducer 1 pc.
Tripod universal 1 pc.
Auxiliary electrode EVL-1М3.1 1 pc.
Automatic termocompensator 1 pc.
PSU 1 pc.
Spare parts 1 set
Operational documentation 1 copy

By separate order PROVIDED

Magnetic stirrer
Specialized ion-selective и рН electrodes


Parameter Measurement range Readability Permissible main absolute error
The activity of hydrogen ions and other monovalent and divalent cations and anions, pH (rX) from -20.00 to 20.00 0,01 ± 0,02 ± 0,05
Redox potential, mV from -2000 to +2000 0,1 ±2,0 ±2,0
Analyzed temperature, ° C from -10 to +120 1,0 ±1,0 ±1,0
Dimensions, mm 245 x 110 x 77
Weight, kg 0,8
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