Post button is designed for installation on the grounds floors of multi-storey buildings and is used to call the elevator to the appropriate floor. The fact that the call occurred, signals lighted up button lights installed in office.

Post-button Post-button Post-button

Technical characteristics

Post button Operates the following operating conditions:

  ambient temperature - from -30 ° C to 45 ° C;

- Atmospheric pressure 84 to 106,7 kPa (630 to 800 mm Hg);

- Relative humidity: 30% to 80% at 25 ° C.

Overall and mounting dimensions are shown in Figure 1.

Weight fast push-not more than 0.7 kg.

Maximum switching current up to 50 mA.

Maximum switching voltage of 24 V DC.

Lighting is designed for surge voltage 24 V DC. Pulse duration of 2 ms, duty cycle 8. Possible highlight color - red, green or blue.

Circuit diagram is shown in Figure 2.

Safety requirements

Degree of protection post IP 20   GOST 14254-96.

The degree of protection against electric shock, post-button refers to the built-in appliances in Class 0.