Laboratory testing services

We perform tests for compliance with safety standards
  • Household and similar network devices (GOST 30345.0-95, GOST 27570.0-87)
  • electrical instrumentation and laboratory equipment (GOST 12.2.091-2002)
  • lighting (GOST 17677-82E, STB IEC-598-1-99, STB IEC 60598-2-4-99) certification
  • technical means, the above operation of electrical protective equipment (insulating gloves, galoshes) climate (heat, cold, moisture) Mechanics and dynamic (vibration, shock, vibration)
  • Insulation resistance (electrical installations, apparatus secondary circuits, wiring up to 1000 V)
  • resistance grounding devices
  • availability of circuits between grounding and ground elements of the chain "phase-zero"

Also Gomel Plant of Measuring Equipment provides the following services:

  • Tenderloin, engraved details (not thicker than 2 mm) on a laser complex;
  • Assembly and adjustment of instruments;
  • Production of single-, double-sided printed circuit boards and combined negative chemical methods (dimensions up to 250h200 mm);
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards;
  • Testing in climatic chambers of the effect of humidity, temperature;
  • Measurement of noise, light, checking for electrical safety;
  • Design and manufacture of nonstandard equipment, dies, molds or drawings on the instructions of the customer;
  • Carrying out works on the snap of the customer:
  • - Stamping work (press the mechanical efforts of 10-ton, 25-ton, 40-ton, 63-ton, 100-ton);
  • - Casting and processing of plastics (thermosets, thermoplastics) and rubber (63-ton hydraulic press, 100-ton);
  • - Pressure die casting of aluminum alloys (for injection molding machines, mod. 71A108, 71A109).
  • Spark Machining CNC (size workpieces to 200h300h50 mm);
  • Manufacture of cartons of boxed and corrugated board, including at the roller press;
  • Spot welding carbon steels, welding aluminum parts and parts from stainless steel alloys;
  • Galvanic platings (zinc, nickel, chromium, oxidation, copper plating, electropolishing), at both the suspensions, and in drums;
  • Coloring polymeric dyes (dimensions up to 600x800 mm);
  • Woodworking. Manufacturing of doors, door systems, skirting, etc.
Note: Certificate of accreditation of testing laboratory № BY/112 on 21.04.2008 g.