Paint polymer paint

 Paint polymer paint 

Painted surfaces is a fairly common type of service not only in construction but also in manufacturing. Polymer paints are products of a different order, so they are increasingly replacing widespread ordinary paints, which are now used for painting. 

The main difference from conventional painting materials is that the production of polymer-based paints are acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane enamel ground. 

Polymer paint perfectly grasped on the surface, resulting in the formation of a solid polymer film, which gives the product be coated high resistance to corrosion. Moreover, the coating is very durable and can withstand chemical attack, as well as high and low temperatures. 

Previously done before painting electroplating parts - phosphate. You can be sure that the colored polymer paint surface is less exposed to the risk of cracking or be scratched. Besides a wide variety of colors can fully satisfy any customer. 

We produce paint polymer paint, considering all possible factors, depending on the type of surface and environmental conditions, and to perform selection of paint, best suited to each individual case. 

Because of its properties (great durability and easy application technology) polymeric inks far exceed traditional existing types of coatings, which is an important factor in their selection. 

In addition, you can use our services for laser engraving painted parts.